Published On: Wed, May 21st, 2014 on 3:00 pm

Savvy Leeds family save over £1,000 in just six weeks

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Savvy Staniforth Family Leeds

The Staniforth family

A family from Leeds have been crowned as the ‘UK’s Savviest Family’ after saving £1,035 in six weeks.

The Staniforth family went head-to-head in a blogging competition with seven other money-conscious families across the country by sharing their top tips on saving money with thousands of readers.

As part of the Nectar Savvy Family competition, they updated their blogs with advice on everything from shopping to household bills.

The family – consisting of mum Charmaine, dad David, and young sons Oliver and Charlie – even saved money without giving up the things they loved to do.

Mum Charmaine, a NHS housekeeper and a bargain hunter, said: “Savvy describes the Staniforth’s to a tee and it’s amazing that we’ve been able to share our experiences with others.

“What we love most about our savvy lifestyle is the fact that we’re teaching our boys a skill for life.”

The family shared 89 tips during March, April and May.

They encouraged people to check the TV schedule before putting items up for sale on eBay, because they believed a popular show could affect how much the item costs.

The family also encouraged people to make use of leftovers, and took back empty containers from luxury cosmetics because they realised that some stores offer discounts or free products just for recycling them.

For travel, they advised people to walk where possible to save on bus fares and petrol costs.

Even saving money in the shower, they discovered that using a soap scrunchie would reduce the amount of shower gel and soap used.

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