Published On: Wed, Jul 23rd, 2014 on 1:20 am

Sneak-in burglars taking advantage of hot weather


West Yorkshire Police has seen the number of burglaries rise in Leeds because people have been leaving windows and doors open.

The advice follows the arrest of two teenagers in connection with a burglary at a home in Morley, Leeds.

At about 4:15am, thieves got into a house through an open ground-floor bedroom window and removed electrical items.

Two males, aged 17 and 18, have been arrested in connection with the incident and are currently in custody.

Detective Inspector Mark Strother, of the Leeds District Neighbourhood Crime Team, said: “In recent days we have seen an increase in the number of burglaries where the offenders have got in through windows that have been left open due to the hot weather.

“With a heatwave being forecast we are keen to remind people to be conscious that there are burglars out there looking to take advantage as people try to keep cool.

“Understandably people want to ventilate their homes but we need them to do it in a security conscious way to avoid them becoming a victim.”

People have been urged to only open doors and windows in rooms they are in and shutting them if they move elsewhere in the house.

Valuables, such as phones and car keys, should stay out of sight and out of reach from doors and windows.

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