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Social experiment: Bradfordians asked about Islam, Charlie Hebdo and the media

EXCLUSIVE: Residents have been asked what they think about Islam following tragic events that have taken place in the past two months.

Social Experiment Islam Bradford

Image: Dawah Nation/YouTube.

Dawah Nation, a project led by Bradford resident Luqmaan Al Hakeem, shot a video in the city centre to see what people thought following the Charlie Hebdo shootings and the Chapel Hill shooting.

Luqmaan said: “I conducted this experiment for multiple reasons. The first of which was to find out the views of the general public within Bradford regarding the recent events that have taken place such as Charlie Hebdo and the Chapel Hill shootings and how they have been portrayed in the media.

“Also to find out how they react to these events, to see what people know about Islam, and lastly to highlight and raise awareness of the double standards that some media outlets possess.”

One question asked to residents was whether all Muslims should be blamed for the Charlie Hebdo shootings that took place on 7 January last month.

Gunmen stormed the offices of a French satirical magazine that depicted the Islamic Prophet Muhammed and killed 12 people.

One Bradford resident said that the media paints the idea that “all Muslims are the same”.

Some residents also said they didn’t know of the three Muslim students who were shot dead in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and one said they only knew from social media, not the news.

The students were shot dead by Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, who described himself as an “anti-theist” and criticised religions online.

The father of two of the victims believes it was a hate crime.

Watch the video below.

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