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Staffie who suffered six years of abuse, thrown at walls, finds new home

Tyson Abused Dog

Fosterer Ms Jackson and Tyson.

A Staffordshire bull terrier who suffered six years of abuse by the hands of his owners and had a slipped disk will finally find a new home this weekend.

Six-year-old Tyson came from an abusive home in Bradford on 22 January.

He was fostered by Lauren Jackson from Cleckheaton and Amanda Hawkins from Dewsbury.

Ms Jackson said: “According to the previous owners he was thrown about and as a result had a slipped disc. The owners reported that they had had him from being a puppy so it can only be assumed he’s been treated badly since then and he’s now six years.”

Tyson wasn’t covered by the Rescue Back Up (RBU), which meant that Tyson wouldn’t be able to come back to the rescue if his new owners could no longer keep him.

Ms Jackson explained: “If anything went wrong then I was the one responsible for him. I’m not a rescuer and I’m just an animal loving occupational therapist and therefore funds have been raised in case of any eventuality.”

150 miles of searching

Having travelled 150 miles, Ms Jackson and Tyson have finally found him a new home and he will visit them this weekend.

Ms Jackson, who has two rescue staffies of her own, said: “It makes all the hard work worth it. He’s a beautiful dog and he’s my favourite breed so it’s great knowing he’s going to be in a safe home and will get the care and attention he deserves.

“My passion is promoting the staffie breed as they have a bad reputation which is totally incorrect of their true nature. There are thousands of staffies in rescue centres needing a home but the public are terrified due to the media’s portrayal of the breed.”

“A large number of dogs given away are taken by dog fighters”

Ms Jackson also said she would be hoping to rescue dogs who might be in danger of being used for dog fighting.

She said: “Myself and Amanda aim to set up a small team who will rescue dogs advertised as free to good homes as a large number of dogs given away are taken by dog fighters and are used for dog bait.

“We hope to be able to carry this on and make it our mission to help as many dogs get to safety as possible and therefore it’d be amazing if we had ongoing support from fellow animal lovers.”

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  1. jenny brackenridge says:

    This is so often the case , and breaks my heart o hear of these terrible people ,, staffies are a beautiful breed and reared properly are the best dogs going .

  2. karen says:

    Unfortunately this wonderful breed have a bad name because of the minority of very bad owners who let them get out of control,by treating them so badly.. I have 2 wonderful staffies who are shown so much love from my wonderful family that’s all they know what to give …wonderful loyal and loving dogs …:-)

  3. billy Owen says:

    Got my 8year old staffie jasper 2years ago , after he was found wandering streets for 6months by a good sammariton , we took him in and is loved by his new family human and canine alike .

  4. max says:

    This is lovely to read and what a truly fantastic cause xx

  5. Christine Pickles says:

    Staffys are great dogs i got my staff from 6week old and grown up with my kids my baby was 3month old when we got him and they are such best friends now 100% loyal dogs

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