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Talks underway for UK’s FIRST women’s mosque in Bradford

A Bradford-based organisation has announced plans to create the UK’s first female-led mosque, run by women and primarily for women.

First Women Mosque UK

An audit was carried out on local mosques.

The Muslim Women’s Council is putting forward plans to create what it hopes to be the UK’s first centre of excellence in promoting Islamic education and scholarship for Muslim women in the UK.

First Women Mosque UK

Bana Gora, CEO of the Muslim Women’s Council.

Bana Gora, CEO at the Muslim Women’s Council, said: “We’ve carried out an audit of local mosques focussing on services provided to women, above all access was the biggest problem. Our results highlight that the majority of mosques follow a patriarchal model, poor access for women; women’s representation on governance structures was non- existent, on committees and boards, segregated spaces that are dated and unwelcoming.

“The alienation that women feel has profound consequences for younger generations who are taught that Islam treats both men and women as spiritual equals yet the practice within mosques contradicts the principles. In an era in which many young people feel that their faith is no longer relevant, or are going to extremes, we want to be able to provide a safe space for them to question, learn and grow whilst having an appreciation of their heritage as well as the opportunity to make informed choices relevant to the 21st Century.”

The consultation process will take place over the next few months.

The Muslim Women’s Council is already consulting with local, national and international scholars and experts on the plans.

It says its intention is “not to be divisive”, neither “go against the values and principles of Islam”.

There are currently around 110 mosques across the Bradford District.

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