Published On: Mon, Apr 6th, 2015 on 1:33 pm

Teens reported for ‘having sex’ outside in broad daylight in Bradford

EXCLUSIVE: A couple from Bradford called police after finding two teens having sex outside their house.

Sex In Broad Daylight Bradford

In a video shared to the Yorkshire Standard, the couple phoned the police to report on the teens who seemingly looked like they were having sex with clothes on outside their window on Brookfield Road.

The homeowner told police: “It’s not an actual crime, but there are two people, an Asian couple, broad daylight outside my front window, having sex.

“And there’s kids walking past and everything. They’re literally right there right now in front of everyone having sex.”

Nothing is clear due to the mobile camera quality and the couple hiding behind the blinds secretly filming.

The caller initially told police the female didn’t seem “keen” to participate but as the couple watched on, he told police she “allowed him” as he “went down on her”. She was also apparently holding a phone.

According to the caller, the male started “masturbating in front of her”.

The Yorkshire Standard has contacted the police to confirm the incident took place.

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