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The Queen sends good wishes to ‘Get Murphy Home’ campaigners

Her Majesty The Queen has sent a message of support to campaigners who are trying to find a missing husky from Bradford named Murphy.

Get Murphy Home Queen Letter

Andy with the letter from Her Majesty The Queen.

Murphy slipped from his collar in Scholemoor Cemetery on 4 December and didn’t come back as he usually does.

He is believed to have been abducted a couple of hours after he went missing.

Get Murphy Home


Ever since his disappearance, his owners launched a campaign named ‘Get Murphy Home,’ and plan to hold a ‘Great Britain Walk’ next month to raise awareness of Murphy’s disappearance.

Lyndsey Reed, a friend of Murphy’s owner, wrote to The Queen inviting her to take part in the walk.

The letter, addressed from Sonia Bonici, senior correspondence officer at Sandringham House dated 5 February, was written on behalf of The Queen.

“I send you good wishes for a successful event”

It reads: “It was thoughtful of you to invite The Queen to attend the Great Britain Walk.

“I must tell you, however, that it will not be possible for The Queen to do as you ask.

“Her Majesty’s diary is planned many months in advance and has already been finalised for that time.

“In addition, The Queen has made it a rule not to give her support to, nor to endorse individual projects or campaigns.

“But I send you good wishes for a successful event next month.”

Murphy’s owner Andy Smith, said: “It felt amazing when we got the letter, and I didn’t even know that Lyndsey had wrote to her.

“The response, support and messages have been overwhelming and humbling. We have had phone calls from all over the world offering their support.”

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