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WATCH: Touching moment man finds out his missing dog has been found

This is the touching moment when a dog owner received news that his dog Murphy was found safe and well after two months of searching.

Murphy Missing Dog Found

Andy is emotional as he receives the news.

Andy Smith from Bradford burst into tears when he found out his beloved Siberian Husky was found on 26 February.

Murphy, who has been microchipped, slipped from his collar on 4 December in Scholemoor Cemetery.

He didn’t come back and was believed to have been sold on within a couple of hours of going missing.

Andy and his partner then created a Facebook page named ‘Get Murphy home’ on the same day Murphy went missing appealing for their dog’s return.

By midnight, the page had 5,000 fans. Now it has over 40,000 and continues to grow.

“I didn’t realise I was being recorded”

He said: “I didn’t realise I was being recorded, but I was overcome with joy.

“He was found in Manchester, but he’s healthy and has been looked after by the RSPCA. It sounded to me like there was a sting operation or a house-raid.”

Next month, Andy and ‘Get Murphy Home’ supporters will be walking one-mile together simultaneously for the ‘The Great Britain Dog Walk’ in an attempt to highlight dog thefts in the country.

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