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UK dog owners hoping to land world record to highlight dog thefts

Get Murphy Home City Park Meet

Pups don ‘Get Murphy Home’ coats.

EXCLUSIVE: Dog owners nationwide will be walking simultaneously in a bid to land a world record and highlight dog thefts in the UK.

On 28 March, dog walkers and their furry friends plan to walk one-mile together for the ‘The Great Britain Dog Walk’.

Get Murphy Home


It is being held to highlight dog thefts and also the plight of a Bradford family who lost their Siberian Husky named Murphy.

He slipped from his collar in Scholemoor Cemetery on 4 December and didn’t come back as he usually does. He is believed to have been abducted a couple of hours after he went missing.

Ever since his disappearance, a campaign launched by his owners named ‘Get Murphy Home’ has gathered support across the UK.

Over 800 people have already confirmed they will be attending the walk on social media and celebrities will also be urged to take part.

“On every corner you hear about dogs being stolen”

The organiser of the event, Natalie Danson from Hertfordshire, said: “On every corner you hear about dogs being stolen and vans looking out for dogs, so we’re hoping to raise awareness about the issue.

“Support for the event so far has been absolutely incredible. It started out as just me and currently there are over 50 organisers in each county who are also planning their walks, working on venues and handing out flyers.

“All this has happened in the space of a week, and we still have two months to go.”

The event will start at 1pm and those who have no dogs are also welcome to join in. Children are welcome although it is not recommended for their safety.

Anyone who would like to take part or keep up-to-date on the event can do so on Facebook here.

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