Published On: Tue, Apr 28th, 2015 on 7:30 am

UKIP billboard van to tour Bradford constituencies

Bradford residents have been urged to honk and show their support when they see the new UKIP billboard van touring the city.

UKIP Billboard Van

Lois Wood (Royds), UKIP chair Jason Smith, and James Vasey (Clayton & Fairweather Green).

The UKIP billboard van, which was launched over the weekend, will visit the city’s three constituencies to promote the UKIP party ahead of the elections.

It includes the face of UKIP leader Nigel Farage, and five party pledges which include the party’s aims to cut foreign aid spending, and allocating an extra £3 billion for the NHS.

The billboard also carries the message: “Immigration is three times higher than the Tories promised.”

Jason Smith, UKIP Bradford chair and Bradford South candidate said: “We know how Labour look down on people that drive white vans, so we thought we’d take a huge white van right in to the heart of Bradford South to show Labour we’re proud of being the party of working people.”

UKIP candidate for Royds, Lois Wood, added: “If you see our van, honk to show your support for the UKIP revolution.”

A campaign bus belonging to the Respect party has also been seen touring Bradford this week.

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