Published On: Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 on 1:25 pm

UKIP councillor says accounts were hacked after vile messages sent out

EXCLUSIVE: A UKIP councillor in Keighley says he was hacked after comments were made online in his name, including one joke about drowning asylum seekers and Scots.

Brian Morris UKIP

Cllr Brian Morris.

Cllr Brian Morris of the Keighley West ward issued the statement after the comments started to circulate on social media.

One included a comment asking Cllr Morris what UKIP would do to “prevent future mass deaths of asylum seekers” to which the account belonging to Cllr Morris replied with “We could throw in some Scots as life belts.”

Brian Morris UKIP Message

This message was allegedly made by a hacker.

Not long after, Cllr Morris seemingly recovered his accounts and sent out a message, apologising to anyone who may have received the messages.

He said: “My Facebook account and Twitter account have been hacked, although I don’t use Twitter, messages are and have been sent in my name. The Tweets apparently are vile so if anyone has had something in my name that is out of character then please delete it it was not sent by me. As for Facebook, I have had to change some settings and password if again anyone receives something bad with my account name attached please let me know so I can report specific incidents to Facebook. Again apologies for anyone who may have received fake messages.”

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  1. W.S.Beket says:

    A good answer. I wish I had said it. Toss in some Welsh too.

  2. Sajid says:

    Story has now been copied by Huffington Post lol

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