Published On: Sun, Apr 26th, 2015 on 8:29 pm

VIDEO: Preacher draws crowd in Leeds with controversial views

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EXCLUSIVE: An Evangelist street preacher from Tennessee became the centre of attention in Leeds city centre.

“Preacher woman” Angela Cummings of the Highways and Hedges Ministries, attracted a large crowd when she came to Leeds to spread the word of Jesus Christ.

Street Preacher Angela Cummings

Image: Angela Cummings/YouTube.

Taping her time preaching and uploading them on her YouTube channel, Angela drew in a crowd of passer-bys and shoppers.

Angela told her audience that she used to be a “driver for a cocaine dealer named Bubba”, and accused one person shaking his head of being a “pot-lover” and a “Darwin-lover”.

When some people started to sing a song from Bon Jovi, Angela said he’s “heading for Hell”.

She also said singer Katy Perry is a “loser” because she “sold her soul to the Devil”, and said the Devil visits President of the United States Barack Obama “at least four times a year”.

But one young girl got up to where she stood and questioned her style of preaching.

She was applauded by the crowd before she told Angela what she was doing was “wrong”.

Angela wrote on her website: “You maybe inspired by my preaching ministry or you may hate my guts. I am ok with either. I preach the way I do because Jesus told the disciples in the bible to “Preach the Gospel in all nations”. If Jesus had another way to fulfil the Great Commission besides publicly preaching the Word of God, then He would have mentioned it.”

Warning: Video contains strong language.

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  1. Evangelist Angela Cummings says:

    Good article, thank you for writing about my time in Leeds. God bless you.

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