Published On: Mon, Jan 26th, 2015 on 1:26 pm

WATCH: Driver shocked as snowball thrown at windscreen from passing car

Driver Dashcam Snowball Bradford

EXCLUSIVE: A motorist from Bradford has caught the moment someone in another car threw a snowball at the windscreen.

The incident took place in the morning of 22 January when the driver was heading along Sandy Lane Cottingley Road towards Allerton.

As the driver approached a car going the opposite direction, a person sat on the back seat of the vehicle threw a sizable snowball at the windscreen.

“They did not care that what they did was dangerous”

The driver who recorded the incident, who also requested not to be named, said: “I was initially shocked as I did not expect that and I felt helpless as they just drove past me. Then I felt really angry. Obviously they did not care that what they did was dangerous.

“Fortunately it was a very narrow road so I was driving really slowly as shown on the speed of my dashcam via GPS.

“Otherwise if it happened on high speed, the consequence might be different. I was also thankful my kids were not with me when it happened, as they get upset with bad behaviour they see.”

The car was not damaged.

The driver also claims to have reported the incident to West Yorkshire Police.

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