Published On: Tue, Feb 24th, 2015 on 4:43 pm

WATCH: Half-naked duo start a rave in Huddersfield’s Asda

EXCLUSIVE: Shoppers and staff in Asda were treated to an unexpected surprise on Monday night after two men started a rave in-store.

DiscoBoy Asda Huddersfield

Mr Lee Marshall, also known as DiscoBoy, and Speedo Shy, had all eyes on them as they started a rave party inside the supermarket in Huddersfield, Kirklees.

DiscoBoy carried in a mobile sound system, before introducing Speedo saying: “We’ve got a special guest here in the building, here he is, give it up, make some noise for Speedo Shy”.

The duo danced on the counters and told people to “make some noise,” before being told to turn the music off by security.

“The security loved it”

DiscoBoy Asda Huddersfield

DiscoBoy said: “Some people play computer games, I’d rather do this stuff. Each to their own.”

Speedo said: “It’s good to be back in the game, how can I get nervous? The security loved it.”

The duo have collaborated before in a prank in which unsuspecting Bradford residents were warned of being a target from a bull that was chasing everything red.

Watch the Asda rave video below.

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  1. Helen Bowers says:

    The Mirror have picked up on this story and they referred to Huddersfield Examiner in their story, who copied off your story with quotes.

    Surely, the guys didn’t quote the same thing to you guys and then pass them onto that paper?

    Get em done for plagiarism!

  2. jason says:

    huddersfield examiner copied this story loooool, keep it up yorkshire standard beat all these rags

  3. I am justjoe says:

    Big shout out to, “Speedo Shy”and “Disco Boy,” What a refreshing change in the news for today. Not only did you bring a smile to my face, on watching the video, you brought a smile to everyones face. Thanking each and everyone of you who were invovled in this story, instead of the mundane doom and gloom, you shook the room, share that love and smiliness is what I do say.

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