Published On: Sat, Aug 16th, 2014 on 11:20 am

West Yorkshire residents urged to ‘think before they buy’

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People have been urged to think twice before buying goods with prices too good to be true to help stop shoplifters in their tracks.

During interviews with West Yorkshire Police, offenders uncovered how easy it is was for them to sell on the goods that they stole including food, personal accessories and clothing.

Shoplifters stated that the goods were sold on via numerous routes from within the local community to some pubs and car boot markets.

Chris Joyce, Force Crime Prevention Officer for West Yorkshire Police, said: “The idea that shoplifting is a victimless crime is far from reality.

“Some individuals committing this crime do not see a victim, they see a corporate organisation who they feel can simply restock the day after and not be affected by the loss of their products.”

The Force is now reminding people to think carefully when buying items from car boot sales, in the pub or at the front door when the price seems ‘too good to be true’.

Force Crime Prevention Officer Joyce added: “If you know your regular perfume costs £30 when you buy it from a regular store, and someone is offering it at £5 in the pub, then you know there is something not quite right. The same principal applies when purchasing any items, from perfume to cosmetics or joints of meat to personal accessories.

“People might think they are getting a bargain, that it doesn’t really matter to anyone, and that the crime is ‘victimless’ – we all like legitimate bargains, but ones associated with criminal activity are obviously a different matter.”

West Yorkshire residents can also help police tackle shoplifting via the The Caught on Camera section of the West Yorkshire Police website.

It features photos of people wanted in connection with alleged offences.

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