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Yorkshire lost and found sees ‘increase of dog theft’ in the last 12 months

EXCLUSIVE: Dog thefts are on the increase in Yorkshire, according to a group of good Samaritans who are helping reunite missing pooches and owners.

The owners of a social networking page named Yorkshire Animals Lost And Found, set up over a year ago, claim that there is an increase of dog theft in the county.

Get Murphy Home Posters

Posters searching for Bradford dog Murphy. Image: Get Murphy Home.

Administrators of the page, Amanda Jones and Susan Briggs Tillotson, said: “We have seen an increase of dog theft in the last 12 months, and have seen the devastation that the poor owners actually go through.

“We find that some dog thefts are reported to the police but we all know that an opportunist theft can be done in seconds. It’s just that sometimes people do come to us first because we can get public attention quick and also dog theft does not seem like a high agenda for the authorities.”

The page receives photographs of missing dogs from owners, who in turn share the photo with information to their fans and other groups.

Dog fighting or taken to other parts of the country

The page owners claim that dogs are often stolen for dog fighting, and some are even taken to other parts of the country.

Amanda and Susan said: “Unfortunately some dogs are stolen to order, and to use for bait for fighting. We know that some dogs are shipped off to other parts of the country too.

“We have found if we can make a stolen dog too hot to handle by getting the post spread everywhere, then sometimes the person who has the dog will just abandon it somewhere. We have also come across dogs that have been missing for a couple of years and they have turned up.

“Our page has over 11,000 members, and that is an awful lot of eyes and ears to be able to help in any way to get these animals back to their distraught owners.”

Do you think dog theft is on the rise in Yorkshire? Have you lost your dog and found little help given to you? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. CarolineJane Tipping says:

    As a Founding Member of Yorkshire Animals Lost & Found Facebook Group alongside Susan, I just need to point out that there are no owners to our Group, we are a group of Admins who work as a Team, dedicated to helping reunite pets with their owners.

  2. DogLost PR Team says:

    Whilst the theft of dogs have been increasing considerably over the past few years, there is no evidence to suggest it is for dog fighting.

    99% of cases are for financial reward: Either for selling on, keeping for breeding or for keeping rather than purchasing.

    Last year DogLost dealt with some 18,500 lost and found dogs about 3,000 were reunited in suspicious circumstances.

  3. Amy Fitzgerald says:

    I’m One of the other admin on Yorkshire animals lost And found , there is a big increase in a number of dogs stolen lately we try and help owners as much as we can we have had a great success rate of reuniting owners with their beloved pets. We do a lot more than just lost & found we help rescues we also fundraise , but we couldn’t do what we do without our members sharing cross posting bumping our posts

    Thankyou for taking the time to talk to us and getting the public to see about the increase of dog thefts

  4. Fiona Whittlestone says:

    I have been a member of this site for around 6 months. The ladies do a phenomenal job.
    There has certainly been an increase in dogs thefts unfortunately authorities “brush the problem under the carpet”.
    Our pets are family members and when one goes missing it’s like loosing a family member.
    More needs to be done!!!

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