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Yorkshire man who cheated death last year to be buried alive

Antony Britton

Antony Britton will be handcuffed in a six-foot grave.

A Bradford-born escapologist, who cheated death during a stunt last year, will be buried alive in a six-foot grave.

Antony Britton, who grew up in Bradford and now lives in Huddersfield, will be attempting the death-defying stunt for Comic Relief on 13 March.

It will be held by Escape for Life, a registered non-profit group set up in 2012 that stages live entertainment and raises awareness and funds for charities and projects.

Comic Relief is the chosen charity picked by the team for the upcoming Escape for Life buried-alive special.

Antony will climb into a grave, have six tonnes of soil tipped on top of him, and will have ten minutes to get out before he has to be rescued.

Antony Britton

Antony cheated death last year whilst suspended 20-foot in the air.

He said: “This is most dangerous escape anyone can endure to be fair. I’ll be handcuffed and placed in a six-foot grave with no casket and no coffin. I’ll have to escape the handcuffs, then escape.

“In many escapes you can see the crew and they can see you but it’ll be different now. I’m taking full responsibility for anything that happens.”

World-famous Harry Houdini attempted a similar stunt in 1915 and a magician from Manchester named Alan Alan had a go in 1949.

Both failed and Houdini himself passed out in his first attempt.

But Antony has been preparing himself for the challenge ahead.

He said: “A lot of what is required is the mental state, and the strength to endure the pain that I’ll face when six tonnes of soil is squeezing the life out of me.

“This stunt will be the most intense and dangerous escape anyone can attempt. Many have attempted it and have died by things going wrong.”

Antony is no newcomer to death-defying stunts.

In 2013, he escaped an explosive burning steel cage known as Lucifer’s Chamber with just seconds to spare.

Last year, he was suspended 20-foot in the air on burning ropes whilst wearing a straitjacket and shackled with just 90 seconds to escape.

It was this stunt in which he dislocated one of his shoulders and suffered burns to his body after ropes burned through quicker than expected.

To keep up-to-date with the buried alive stunt, please visit Escape for Life on Facebook. You can also visit Antony’s Fan Page by searching Antony Britton on Facebook.

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