Published On: Wed, Aug 20th, 2014 on 10:31 am

Yorkshire ranked third worst in UK for parking at work

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The Yorkshire region has been ranked as the third worst place in the country for workplace parking, just better than the West Midlands and Wales.

A research study from car insurance provider Chaucer Direct found that 70% of Yorkshire and Humber’s workers felt that parking was at or beyond its useful limit, placing the region in the bottom three nationally, fairing marginally better than the West Midlands (72%), and Wales (71%).

30% of workers in the Yorkshire and Humber claimed parking at work has been costly, either as a result of damage to vehicles (22%) or fines and charges (8%), whilst 53% of them said they are risking job prospects as a result of lateness or parking-related tension with colleagues.

26% of workers even felt workplace relationships as a whole have been damaged by parking tension, such as blocking colleagues in.

Head of Chaucer Direct, Paul Baxter, said: “This survey clearly shows the strength of feeling employees have when they experience parking problems at work.

“However, employers do face issues with limits on the number of parking spaces in offices imposed by planning authorities and taxes on parking spaces in some areas.”

According to the poll, carried out on 2,000 workers nationwide, two thirds of British office workers (67%) claimed that workplace parking was either ‘insufficient’ or ‘pushed to the limit’.

The best area for office parking was the East Midlands.

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  1. Matt says:

    Parking at my work is a nightmare. The room is so small me and my mates have had trouble with people blocking. Now I park some streets away. Rather pay than wait for someone to move their car!

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