Published On: Mon, Feb 17th, 2014 on 1:41 am

Leeds and Bradford youth unite to tackle relationship abuse

Team V

Two youth voluntary groups from two different regions have been working together to spread the message of healthy relationships, as many couples have been celebrating Valentines this weekend.

On 15 February, Team V Leeds and Team V Bradford, held a pop-up event at the Leeds Corn Exchange, to encourage local young people to challenge their understanding of what constitutes as a healthy relationship.

It came after volunteers saw that many people have little access to services if they seek relationship advice, or in serious cases, are going through either physical or emotional abuse.

According to sex and relationship charity Brook, 26 per cent of young people have no relationship education in school.

Furthermore, 81 per cent of teenagers experiencing abuse in their relationship don’t access support.

Stine Mawer, Team V leader of Leeds Hyde Park told the Yorkshire Standard: “The campaign is to get people talking about healthy relationships because it is something that isn’t talked about that often.”

To spread awareness, members of the public were asked to express their views on relationships, get advice, and even write their own messages of love on the sofa.

Ms Mawer said: “We tried to overcome the fact that we didn’t have quite a lot of footfall in the Leeds Corn Exchange, by going out into the market to get people’s responses.”

Jade Dhesi, a Team V leader from Bradford, added: “The people who we did manage to get to talk to us were really engaged and we did get quite a big group of teenagers, so we think we’ve made quite an impact whilst being here.”

The Team V programme – run by London-based charity organisation vInspired – is made up of volunteers aged between the ages of 18 and 25 who use their creativity and interpersonal skills to make changes in their community.

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