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Bradford’s Zayn Malik subject to death threats over Palestine tweet

Zayn Malik

One Direction star Zayn Malik has been bombarded with death threats after posting a #FreePalestine message on Twitter.

Several weeks into Israel’s deadly military assault on Gaza, the 21-year-old popstar posted a message seemingly showing solidarity to the Palestinian cause with a tweet reading “#FreePalestine.”

Many fans showed support, but many also bombarded Zayn with abusive and threatening messages.

Among the more outraged reactions was one suggesting Zayn “kill himself” and another reading, “let me kill you.”

Zayn’s update received over 200,000 re-tweets however, and it has been “favourited” just as many times.

Two days after it was posted, the tweet remains on display for his 13 million followers despite a dozen fans, some hailing from Israel, calling for the tweet to be deleted.

Whilst Zayn is the first One Direction member to voice an opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he isn’t the only high profile celebrity to comment.

Selena Gomez created a firestorm after posting an Instagram message on 18 July which read, “It’s about humanity. Pray for Gaza.”

Other celebrities who chose to tweet about Palestine were Rihanna and basketball player Dwight Howard, who quickly deleted their “#FreePalestine” tweets.

Rihanna called her posting a “mistake,” taking it down after eight minutes, and later wrote that she hoped for a “peaceful end to the conflict.”

Howard also called his tweet a mistake and apologised for having “offended anyone.”

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