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Zip-liners fly face-first at 100mph and raise over £15,000 for charity

Penny Appeal Zipline

Over 60 people from Bradford, Burnley and Manchester have zip-lined at speeds of over 100mph in an effort to raise money for the Philippines.

In aid of Wakefield-based charity Penny Appeal, people aged between 11 and 40 raised money to help those stricken by Typhoon Haiyan that claimed the lives of over 5,000 people in November.

The majority of zip-liners were from the city of Bradford, which now has its own volunteer hub for the charity organisation.

Within their groups, they travelled to a region in North Wales known as Snowdonia to take on the longest and fastest zip line in Europe offered by Zip World.

Fundraising Officer at Penny Appeal, Khalil Benkhalil, told the Yorkshire Standard: “The atmosphere was ecstatic, and even though it was 5am in the morning everyone was buzzing. All 48 people on the coach acted as one family, had a laugh together and supported each other.”

Once everyone reached the top of the summit, they had to wear safety gear and helmets, before “flying” their way down face-first reaching speeds of 100mph.

Mr Benkhalil recounted: “I think the biggest challenge was waiting. The longer we waited the more excited and nervous we got, not to mention it was freezing at the top.

“But the adrenaline was unbelievable especially considering it was one mile long and 500ft high, but at the same time we were upset, for our brothers and sisters in the Philippines that got hit by a typhoon much stronger than that.”

The fundraisers raised over £15,000 by the end of the challenge and the money raised will now be used to provide those in need with food, water, shelter and medicine.

To find out more about Penny Appeal or the challenges they have coming up, call 03000111111 or visit

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