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FA Football Mash Up Programme kicks off with a success in Thornton

Football Mash Up

Coaches and young footballers

Football Mash Up

Participants of the Thornton Mash Up Programme

Football Mash Up

Coaches are helping the youth develop key skills during out of school hours

Football Mash UpFootball Mash UpFootball Mash Up

Teens from the Thornton area of Bradford have benefited from FA coaching sessions to help them keep off the streets in the evening and develop their football skills instead.

The Thornton United Football Mash Up Programme, held at the Thornton Recreation Centre located off Thornton Road, attracted over 30 participants in its second week, as teens were taught the skills of teamwork, communication as well as various football techniques.

FMU co-ordinator Rory Romani told the Yorkshire Standard: “We didn’t expect to gain such a great turnout as we have done but in the second week, we’ve had 30 lads here again coming from areas all around the area including Queensbury, Clayton and Thornton itself.

“And it’s up to us as a community to give them this opportunity.”

The programme is a three-way partnership between Thornton United, the West Riding County FA and West Yorkshire Sport, who aim to inspire and empower young people through recreational football opportunities.

There have been some reports of anti-social behaviour around the area over the past weeks, but organisers and coaches at the Football Mash Up Programme hope the sessions can change the way things are for the better.

Mr Romani commented: “There have been reports of anti-social behaviour in local areas here, and if someone hasn’t got anything to do then they will be hanging around on the streets.

“With Mash Up, we’re giving them the opportunity to come and play football instead.”

Open to 14-17 year olds, Mash Up sessions cost £1.50 per session and take place every Wednesday at the Thornton Recreation Centre from 6pm to 7pm.

If any clubs are interested in setting up a satellite club like Thornton United, please email West Yorkshire Sport at

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