Published On: Fri, Mar 20th, 2015 on 11:13 am

20kgs of plastic removed from bull living off garbage in India

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Vets have performed an operation on a mini bull in India which has been eating plastic all its life.

Animal Aid Unlimited India

Charity organisation Animal Aid Unlimited India came to the aid of Tingu, who didn’t have long to live.

Vets quickly decided to perform rumenotomy surgery and successfully removed more than 20kg (45 pounds) of plastic and garbage from Tingu’s stomach.

Image: Animal Aid Unlimited India

The charity wrote in the video: “We rescued a sick street bull who had been living off of garbage his entire life. We knew his stomach was full of plastic and he urgently needed surgery. Our veterinarians surgically removed more than 20 kgs (40 pounds) of plastic and garbage that had been accumulating in his stomach for many years.”

Since the operation was performed a month ago, the video has been seen over one million times.

Animal Aid Unlimited India acts as a rescue-centre, hospital and sanctuary for ownerless street animals in the country.

Warning. Video below contains some graphic scenes. May be distressing to some.

Images courtesy: Animal Aid Unlimited India.

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