Published On: Thu, Mar 12th, 2015 on 6:01 pm

Anonymous call Kanye West a ‘spoiled child in a grown man’s body’

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Hacktivist group Anonymous has launched an attack on Kanye West and threatened to take down him down if he doesn’t apologise for his wrongdoings.

Anonymous Kanye West

Image: Secret Anonymous Idea/YouTube.

In a seven-minute video posted on YouTube, the online activist collective – or somebody claiming to be affiliated with the group – launched an attack on the self-proclaimed ‘king of hip-hop’.

A person in a Guy Fawkes mask tells Kanye he is “out of control” mentioning his personal and professional life such as his music and choice of wife.

The masked man says: “You’re like a spoiled child in a grown man’s body who is ready to set off a boiling tantrum the very moment you don’t get all the things you want. I bet your wife is subconsciously fed up of raising a little boy for a husband.”

The anonymous man in the video also targets his reality star wife Kim Kardashian.

The man in the video says: “A woman who skates through life with the praises and worship fielded by the leak of a sex tape on the internet. Really Mr West? Is this the best you could do with so many talented artistic women across countries?”

The video, which has been viewed over 300,000 times, tells Kanye in the caption: “Our tolerance with your arrogant and distasteful behaviour to gain attention online has reached its end. We will be watching you.”

Video below contains swearing.

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