Published On: Thu, Mar 26th, 2015 on 6:30 am

Man caught racing down M20 at 140mph with child in car

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Dangerous Driver M20 140mph

Image: YouTube.

Shocking footage has been released of a dangerous driver speeding at 140mph with a six-year-old boy in the front seat.

Police had to chase the man for 10 miles and said when they caught up with him, the child was left “shaken”.

Mert Tanay, 26, was filmed in his BMW 323 after he overtook officers in an unmarked police car at around 90mph.

His speed soon increased to 115mph as he weaved through traffic on the M20 in Kent before later hitting 140mph.

A court heard the man failed to realise he had sped past a police car chasing another speeding vehicle.

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