Published On: Thu, Mar 5th, 2015 on 3:43 pm

Man films himself after having horrific car accident

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A Canadian man who had a car crash has gone viral after he filmed himself shortly after he had the accident.

Man Tapes Himself Car Crash

Image: Andrew MacDonald/YouTube.

Andrew MacDonald said he was driving home at 5.30am after a night out in Victoria on 11 January last month when he fell asleep and crashed his car.

He was travelling at a speed of 50-60km/h.

But with a smile on his face and wedged against one side of the car, Andrew filmed himself as a fire crew used the Jaws of Life to get him free.

Describing his injuries, Andrew said he: “Suffered a broken right arm. Broken left Femur. Broke both knee caps. And both ankles. Went for major surgery in Victoria which took total 14 hours over a couple days… Metal plates and screws in everything I broke.”

He said he spent a month in hospital with a “hot nurse” and is recovering quickly.

He says he was “not drinking, or under the influence of any drugs.”

Watch the video below. Contains strong language and may be distressing to some.

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