Published On: Tue, Mar 24th, 2015 on 7:05 am

Man tests generosity of the homeless in heart touching video

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A YouTuber has asked the homeless to give him what they have to test their generosity.

OmarGoshTV Homeless Video

Image: OmarGoshTV/YouTube.

Omar, a YouTuber who runs a channel named OmarGoshTV, approached random people who were living rough.

He asked them for spare change, food or whatever they had that they could give him.

Those he encountered were all willing to give up something for him, even all the change they had. They were given money as a thank you for their generosity, but one person even refused to take it.

Omar said in his video: “The purpose of this video is to show others that you can give, no matter what you have. If these people can give, then you can give too.”

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