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Meet Monty: The viral cat who proves looks don’t matter

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The owners of a cat who was born without a nose bone are hoping their pet will serve as proof that people, and pets, can still be fantastic no matter how different they look.

Monty Cat

Monty was born without a nasal bridge.

Monty, who was rescued from a shelter in Denmark, was born without a nasal bridge, or a nose bone.

He was waiting for a new family at a shelter for months, and shared a room with some of the other cats from the animal shelter. Some had lashed out at him, but Monty continued to lay calm and quiet.

He was rescued by Mikala and Michael in 2013, who adopted him and have treasured him ever since.

Monty Cat

Monty was rescued from an animal shelter.

They told the Yorkshire Standard: “People simply just had second thoughts about adopting him, due to his looks. They thought that if he looked different he might have some issues. We did not think about that, since he was so extremely cute and gentle. We simply had to take him home.

“His personality kept blooming like a flower while we recognised that he had some issues (sometimes leaking a bit in his sleeps). However, no matter what was ever wrong with him it was always worth fighting for him since he gave us so much in return.”

Due to his abnormalities Monty sneezes often, but is still healthy and can breathe normally.

Monty became a viral sensation when his owners set up a page for him, and he now has a following of over 100,000 fans, with support growing day by day.

His owners added: “The support has been fantastic and we really feel that people love Monty. He gets fan letters for every holiday and tons of pictures of him that his fans draw.”

You can follow Monty and his journey on Facebook.

Images: Montyboycat/Facebook.

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