Published On: Fri, Apr 3rd, 2015 on 4:00 pm

Outrage as Ouija board for KIDS sold on Amazon

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A social media user has voiced concern after seeing pink Ouija boards being sold under the Toys & Games section on Amazon.

Ouija Board For Kids

Image: Amazon.

Concern has spread so fast in the matter of a week that the user’s post has been shared over 60,000 times on Facebook.

The user, who is from New Orleans, said: “I came close to having a stroke when I saw this. These are not games! No matter how much they “cute” it up. This is very serious spiritual demon warfare. DON’T buy these for your kids; don’t play them as a game, PLEASE!!

“You can think I’m crazy all you want… Don’t invite evil into your home. You’ll have one helluva time getting rid of it, and you won’t come out without any scars be it emotionally, spiritually, or physically. I can promise you.”


The post has seemingly inspired many people leaving negative one-star reviews on the site.

One person wrote: “I am APPALLED. APPALLED that this product is being marketed to our precious daughters! This is like putting LIPSTICK ON A PIG! This is not an innocent game! This is not cute fun for little girls!”.

However, many skeptics claim it is just a toy and one person said it offered an “eventful slumber party”.

The game is available on the US version of Amazon, priced at $99.99 excluding shipping/delivery costs.

Should this be on the market? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Septic peg says:

    The only problem here is the target audience. The board itself is not from the devil, it’s not dangerous. People are dangerous or more so there twisted minds are and we like nothing more than scaring each other. Take all the horror movies for instance. Has anyone said beetle juice three times and lived? Thought so.
    Now to all the haters of things they haven’t seen, witnessed or had any success with,
    ouija boards have been used to contact people that have passed for a very long time, and if you don’t believe in all that mumbo jumbo and ghosts and spirits don’t exist and there’s nothing at the end of the tunnel, ask yourselves why you have loved ones buried with all dignitaries services performed by a religious person and you visit there graves, after all there just well, matter. So people are of varying opinions and mind set, no one can convince the other side, like I said at the start its the target audience that’s the problem, the children of today that have no respect or knowledge for much, so reading most of these comments if I were a child with a tormenting way i would love one of these to have a slumber party and scare the proverbial out of my mates.
    Oh and another thing, don’t let them out on Halloween any more trick or treating, there’s witches in the sky.
    Ps I have used with varying success home made ouija boards, I have seen numerous ” unexplained stuff” even to go as far as poltergeist activity, but I am fascinated by the paranormal, not scared, yup I know some of you would think hahahaha behave, leave the drink alone, but that’s ok I’m not here to make you believe, just thought that if you don’t know about things, educate rather than scare monger. And no you won’t believe until like me you personally witness.

  2. kat says:

    you think this is sick read the reviews for this on amazon makes me wanna cry for these kids and their crappy parents!! buying it for them

  3. j1 says:

    this is just dangerous to those who believe in live after heaven.

    such thing was created by people so life could be at ease.. no such thing as an other world after live exists or does it?

    has evidence been found? these boards cause survive metal damages to many kids b.c they get traumatized . nothing more

  4. Steve Cheney says:

    Ouija boards do not contact spirits or demons or anything of the sort. They are not “dangerous”. They stem from entirely known and demonstrable phenomena, such as the psycho motor effect. In other words, everything that they spell out comes from the people holding the planchette, NOT from anything else.

    Sorry guys, but that’s just the truth. This is no worse than those paper snapper things schoolgirls make. The only stupid part is the fact that it’s being sold, when you could easily just print the board on some A4 and use a shotglass or something.

  5. Amber says:

    I can’t believe anyone is bothered by this. It’s a bit of cardboard! Get a grip people.

  6. Maryliz says:

    I have been reading about ouija boards for many years and the affects they can have on people. And I do believe, if not handled properly, can invite certain forces into a person’s life.

    If someone is going to use one for the first time, I’d suggest you have someone there who’s had a lot of experience using one. They’ll know the proper procedures.

    Personally, I’d never use one. I think a person or persons are just asking to bring something on themselves physically and/or mentally that they’ll not be able to deal with. These aren’t toys to be taken lightly.

    • matt says:

      …. It was a board game owned by the Parker , that has been shown to not work if all participants are blindfolded.

  7. jess says:

    I would never let my kids play with a ouijia board I have done one my self and not something to mess with this should be banned .

  8. Brad Wolfe says:

    Get a grip. A ouija board is no more able to communicate with otherworldly entities than your average computer keyboard. Superstitious nonsense.

  9. Lisa sullivan says:

    The devil is in full force… WTF is really going on here!?!?!?!?

  10. steven says:

    Any person foolish enough to spend $99.99 U.S. on a cardboard game should be the last person on earth to play around with such a dangerous devise as an ouiga board. they are not toys! Ouiga boards should Not be sold to anyone under 21 years of age at the very least.

  11. paddy says:

    There selling some at toys r us its an outrage they cant sell them it can mess you about not just physically but mentally aswell its never a good thing if its a family member your contacting or demon it will be the end of the buyer if any one thinks about geting one kiss goodbye to your sanity

  12. Marny says:

    I was horrified when I read this. Ouija boards are not a game.. I and many others have had some horrific experiences using these things. I am appalled at games companies, toy shops and amazon for marketing such dangerous occult tools to our children.

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