Published On: Sat, Apr 11th, 2015 on 12:10 am

Over 200 people want a giant ‘scary-as-hell’ Alien in town

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A group of petitioners are calling Hartlepool Borough Council to have a giant Alien erected in the centre of their town.

Alien Hartlepool


A petition on is calling for a “massive, to-scale, scary-as-hell statue” to be installed in Hartlepool, which is located on the North Sea coast.

It is to celebrate Sir Ridley Scott, who studied at the West Hartlepool College of Art and went on to direct the sci-fi horror film Alien.

The creator of the petition, Michael Holt, wrote: “We believe that this statue would bring many of the millions of fans of the series to our town to get a photograph with this iconic creation.

“People would come for nights out in Hartlepool purely to get a picture of them and their friends getting chased by the Alien whilst eating Parmos. Children who walk through the area would be terrified of it. Just imagine!

“We also hope that this petition travels far enough, gaining enough visibility and publicity that the present day owners of the image rights for the Alien will let the people of Hartlepool use them for mates’ rates (the new horror game Alien: Isolation is really fantastic! Can’t wait for the new Alien film by Neil Blomkamp! Hint, hint! Let us do this!).”

The petition gained over 200 signatures in one day.

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