Published On: Fri, Jun 12th, 2015 on 12:45 pm

Photo of caring cop helping elderly man home goes viral

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Thousands have been touched by the kind actions of a PC who was photographed helping an elderly man home.

Cop Helps Old Man Home

Image: Northamptonshire Police.

PC Chris Stevens was photographed helping an elderly man home in Kingsthorpe, Northampton, after the man had caught the wrong bus and struggled to get home with his heavy shopping bags.

When the photo was shared online, thousands of people commended PC Chris Stevens for his actions.

“These things happen on a daily basis up and down the country”

PC Stevens said: “I saw the gentleman leaning up against a wall, so went over to ask if he was alright. He said he’d been into town shopping but got on the wrong bus and was struggling to get home. So I asked if he wanted some help.

“He said that would be good, so I took his shopping and he held my arm as we walked back to his house and we had a nice chat. His wife looked a bit shocked when she opened the door and I was there with him, but he was fine.

“It’s nice that the police are getting recognition for doing good things, but it’s nothing more than any of my colleagues would have done. These things happen on a daily basis up and down the country.”

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