Published On: Tue, Mar 24th, 2015 on 7:01 am

Reasons to vote UKIP spoof site tops 140k shares

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A site that looks as though it gives people reasons on why they should vote for the UKIP party in the elections has been trending.

Reasons To Vote UKIP

Image: Facebook.

When shared on social media, it strategically reads in its description: “A handy list of all the reasons to vote UKIP. Show the Guardian-reading, bleeding-heart liberal in your life who’s boss!”

But when someone reads and clicks on the ‘Reasons to vote UKIP’ link on social media, all that appears on the web-page are the words: “There aren’t any.”

The site was set up by someone who opposes the group, who wrote UKIP “should not be let anywhere near government.”

The site has had over 141,000 shares on Facebook and over 2,500 shares on Twitter since it was set up this year.

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