Published On: Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 on 3:26 pm

Saudi Grand Mufti DENIES fatwa allowing men to eat wives

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Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al ash-Sheikh has denied issuing a fatwa allowing a hungry man to eat his wife.

Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al ash-Sheikh

The Grand Mufti. Image: Asharq al-Awsat.

The unconfirmed religious ruling attributed to the Grand Mufti claimed that a man could do it in the case of famine or if eating his wife would result in saving his own life.

It also claimed that such sacrifice is the ultimate way of showing love to her husband as a “way for their two bodies to become one.”

Several international media outlets carried the story without any evidence or specifying where such a fatwa had been issued.

Some news agencies in the UK also today reported on the fatwa being passed, even though later on in the story the articles said it was “unconfirmed”.

The Grand Mufti issued a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) which brushed off such media reports as “attempts by enemies to distract society from their main cause at the moment, which is standing together behind our wise leadership against attempts to distort the ummah [the world’s Muslims].

“This is also falls under attempts to distort the image of Islam which has honored the human-being without discrimination between men and women.”

This is not the first time a fatwa has been falsely attributed to Muslim scholars and leaders.

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