Published On: Tue, Mar 10th, 2015 on 7:00 am

The Suicide Experiment: Taxi drivers react after YouTubers try to jump bridge

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Two famous YouTubers have conducted a social experiment in an effort to capture ‘the better side of people’.

The Suicide Experiment

Image: fouseyTUBE/YouTube.

Yousef Saleh Erakat, also known as FouseyTUBE, and Roman Atwood, collaborated in a video to perform “The Suicide Experiment”.

Both acted as though they were going to commit suicide by getting into taxis, telling the drivers about their problems and telling them to stop over a busy bridge.

Although the worried drivers did as they asked, both refused to let them jump.

The Suicide Experiment

Image: fouseyTUBE/YouTube.

FouseyTUBE wrote: “We didn’t start filming this video hoping to capture people NOT willing to help us. We filmed it to show the better side of people. The positive side. The compassionate side. Neither of us were prepared for what unfolded and were both left speechless at the end of the day.”

Watch the video below.

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