Published On: Mon, Mar 9th, 2015 on 2:35 pm

This is why Human-to-Cat translator apps might be the end of you

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You might want to communicate with your cat using a language you think it will understand better, but what if it gets the wrong message?

Funny Cat Video

Image: Kate Framke/YouTube.

One woman in America tried a Human-to-Cat translator app and the cat thought her as threatening.

In the video, which has been trending in the United States with over 700,000 views, a woman plays a series of cat noises to her cat who is just minding its own business under the table.

The cat gets up, starts to explore, and hits her before walking away.

This is what happens when you talk smack to a cat, but one popular Human-to-Cat Translator app that was probably used in this video says on Google Play that it is “intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Human-to-Cat Translating functionality.”

So what set the cat off?

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