Published On: Wed, Mar 4th, 2015 on 2:42 pm

This is why the naked man was escaping Buckingham Palace

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A video of a naked man escaping Buckingham Palace made headlines last week.

Naked Man Buckingham Palace

Image: Anders Dahlberg/YouTube.

It was uploaded from what seemed to be a tourist’s YouTube channel who was visiting Buckingham Palace during the changing of the guard.

An almost completely naked man (minus a sock) was seen climbing down on the side of the palace from a window.

In the four days since the video was released the clip generated over one million views, and mainstream media agencies were quick to cover the video not knowing whether it was real or fake.

But the incident was actually just a publicity stunt for a drama series named The Royals that will premiere on 25 March at 9pm.

The drama, which focuses on the ever-changing lives of a modern-day British royal family, stars Elizabeth Hurley as the Queen of England, and was penned by One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn.

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