Published On: Sat, Mar 7th, 2015 on 12:35 pm

Touching moment father-of-four hears silence for the first time

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We’ve all come across the ‘heartwarming’ and ‘touching moment’ videos on the internet…

Father Hears Silence For First Time

Image: Somewhen Productions/YouTube.

Toby Williams and Daniel Trevenna from Somewhen Productions starred in this YouTube video, which has been created in the style of other touchy videos circulating the internet.

Since it was uploaded less than a week ago, it has gained over 600,000 views.

The channel wrote: “This father of four hasn’t heard silence for over ten years. Watch the magical moment when thanks to break through technology he finally experiences it again.”

Dozens of screaming and bickering children are heard in the background and Trevenna shouts at them to be quiet.

Williams then sits in amazement at the sound of complete silence, something he probably hasn’t heard for a long time.

Video contains strong language.

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