Published On: Tue, Mar 3rd, 2015 on 7:34 pm

YouTuber films himself doing ‘brutal’ WWE moves on girls

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A YouTuber from the UK has performed wrestling moves on girls, simply because they didn’t like the colour blue.

Joe Weller WWE

Image: Joe Weller/YouTube.

YouTube personality and comedian Joe Weller, who has over one million subscribers on his channel, said: “I’ve just invited this girl round our house, and she’s just told me she doesn’t like the colour blue.

“I like wearing blue t-shirts so this makes me really really angry, so I need to go and deal with this situation now.”

The video shows Joe performing famous finishing moves on the girls such as the Choke Slam and the Batista Bomb into a pool.

The girls who were ‘completely destroyed’ were identical twins from another YouTube channel named the Merrell Twins.

Joe has also performed WWE finishers out in the public in front of unsuspecting people.

Watch the video below.

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