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Bradford fraudster who pretended to ‘slip’ in Lidl sentenced

Bradford Lidl Bag Slip Fraudster

A Bradford man who pretended to slip on a wet bag in a bid to win £10,000 in compensation has been sentenced.

Waheed Iqbal, 36, of Hollings Road, Bradford, has been ordered to pay nearly £9,000 and given a 10-month jail sentence for insurance fraud, suspended for two years.

CCTV footage released by the City of London Police showed Iqbal ‘slipping’ on the bag in a Lidl store, and asking for help from another shopper.

Iqbal was said to have told Lidl’s insurer, AIG, that he had banged his head and suffered injuries to his back, leg and ankle when he apparently fell in the Bradford store in December 2012.

The 36-year-old went to the store to speak to the manager about a recording of the incident.

Bradford Lidl Bag Slip Fraudster

He went to the hospital the next day, complaining of vomiting and pain and made a £10,000 insurance claim.

In May 2012, Iqbal “staged another accident” in an attempt to win £3,800 after claiming he had been knocked out by a punch bag at a gym in Shipley.

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Wood, head of the insurance fraud enforcement department (IFED) at City of London Police, said: “Iqbal targeted this supermarket and gym knowing they would be fully insured and therefore the perfect victim for his staged accidents and fictitious personal injury claims.

“To add insult to his bogus injury claims Iqbal also thought nothing of wasting the emergency and health services’ time in a bid to get medical records to bolster his claims.”

Images courtesy: City of London Police

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