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Mooning pumpkin spotted in Addingham village

Mooning Pumpkin Addingham

Image courtesy: Fiona Mann

A pumpkin in Addingham village, West Yorkshire, has been baring it all for trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

The pumpkin, with its pants down, was spotted in a garden by Fiona Mann, owner of Addingham Fruit Liqueurs.

She happened to walk past and take a picture with her camera.

She said: “I always take my camera with me when I’m visiting customers in case I see something of interest or simply just a nice view. I didn’t think I would see something so soon after setting foot outside my door!

“I had to do a double take. The lady who lives there always make a big effort with flowers and decorations, and she had a fantastic cycling display back in July during the Tour de France.”

The Tour de France cycling event passed twice through Addingham, which is a village located three miles south of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

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