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Lucky Halifax kids to sing in opera production of Carmen

Stagecoach Theatre Arts Company

Kids from the Stagecoach Theatre Arts Company

The Russian State Ballet and Opera House is back with another world-class opera named Carmen – a powerful drama of love and rejection – and five Halifax kids have been chosen to take part in it.

Grace Turner, Freya Hatfield, Bronwyn Williams, Eloise Scoley, and Annie Wright, from the Stagecoach Theatre Arts Company will get to sing in front of a live audience, accompanied by a large live orchestra with over 30 musicians.

Commenting, Stagecoach Principal Cris Salvador said: “We are delighted to take part in this really exciting production of Carmen.

“It is a fantastic experience for my students to be part of such a great company surrounded by professional opera singers.”

One of the lucky youngsters who will be taking part is Daisy Hind, who said: “This is awesome! I’m so excited to sing in front of such a large audience”.

This year, the production company behind Carmen gave the opportunity to children aged 10 to 13 to showcase their talents and live out their dreams.

It was also an effort to raise awareness about the opera genre, which has captured the imagination of many generations over the years and continues to attract and inspire all age groups worldwide.

Producer of Carmen, Alexej Ignatow, said: “We often get asked how you would encourage people who have never seen an opera before, to come along for the first time? And my instant reply is that you don’t need to be an expert in opera or music as we ensure that the set and costumes make the production easy to follow.

“The music is beautiful and sometimes, even if you’re lost in the plot, just close your eyes and enjoy the music.”

As part of its nationwide tour, Carmen will be performed at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax on 6 March.

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