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Halifax to host its first-ever Anime and Manga Convention

HAMCon Halifax

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This July, local Manga club HAMJapan will be holding a Comic Con style convention, the first of its kind in the town of Halifax.

In partnership with the Halifax Festival and Dean Clough Gallery, the HAMJapan! Convention 2014 (HAMCon) will aim to showcase Japanese culture, including the Japanese comics known as Manga.

Dating back from as early as WWII, Manga comics traditionally read from right to left and have become increasingly popular in America and the UK.

The upcoming HAMCon event has announced a guest list, which includes Anime graphic artist Lawrence ‘MasakoX’ Simpson, Shamisen instrument player Liam Morgan, Dragon Ball Z live action trailer artists K&K productions and London-based group, Maids of England.

Also running during the weekend will be a special Japanese-themed course in the award-winning Cooking School.

Event director, Hailey Roebuck, told the Yorkshire Standard: “We’re trying to bring a lot of Japanese culture to our event, which is why I’ve invited Liam Morgan to play the Shamisen and Maids of England to come and perform. They’ve offered to do a talk on Maid Cafés too which is going to be fun.

“Of course, the Cooking School is hoping to do its Fast Chef Sushi course too and I’ve never seen that done at a Con before, so I hope people jump on board with it.”

Ms Roebuck was one of the original organisers of the Huddersfield Convention when it was part of the Literature Festival for the first time.

She found an opportunity to host a convention in Halifax, and believes audiences are getting bigger at such events.

“I know Manchester MCM has had to extend their event to two days recently, because attendance is so high now; smaller more local Cons are getting bigger too. I hope HAMCon can do the same.

“Everything I’ve announced so far has had positive feedback, and there’s still more to come.”

HAMCon will be held at the Dean Clough Gallery on 5 and 6 July.

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