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Haworth sculptor on the hunt for 10,000 2p pieces

Haworth Sculpture

2 pence pieces are stuck together for the planned sculpture

Haworth Sculpture

An artist impression showing the size of the completed sculpture

Haworth SculptureHaworth Sculpture

A Bradford sculptor wants the global community to chip in their unwanted 2p’s to create a public sculpture that will leave a legacy for Le Tour de Yorkshire.

Craig Dyson, 24, from Haworth, is setting himself an ambitious goal to create a public sculpture using thousands of 2 pence pieces, which he hopes will leave a lasting legacy in the village.

He told the Yorkshire Standard: “I wanted to do something to commemorate the Tour de France, but I just didn’t want to do something as a personal expression, I wanted to help the community.

“2p’s represent not only one person, but the thousands of people who have touched it and passed it on. It transcends boundaries of cultures and age, and it’ll be a real statement to see what communities can do when working collectively.”

A large funding body will not be aiding the project, and Mr Dyson has raised over £1,400 so far, whilst £14,500 is needed in total.

He said: “The generosity of the public so far has been amazing. But it’s in community hands whether it will happen.

“People will be a part of the public sculpture installation and it will be a hands-on experience for everyone.”

When finished, the large sphere will stand just over two metres tall, measuring taller than the average adult.

Inside the spherical coin shell, will stand a striking bronze figure representing triumph over adversity, which will be illuminated during the night using solar power.

When he was five, Mr Dyson became passionate about art. He later grew on to create sculptures around his village for his family and friends, and used his shed as a place for a “creative escape”.

He has been a full-time sculptor for the past three years and now has his own workshop at Belle Isle Road in Haworth.

He recounted: “I’ve never regarded sculpting as a career even though it has been a part of my live. I’m very fortunate I do what I do.”

Boxes to collect coins are going to be placed around Haworth but coins can be taken or posted directly to Mr Dyson’s workshop at Railside Studios, Belle Isle Road, Haworth.

You can also help Mr Dyson by visiting

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