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Film review: Hulk (2003)

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The Hulk 2003

There aren’t many people who haven’t heard the story of the Hulk.

But for those who haven’t, the story is about the famous scientist known as Bruce Banner, whose DNA was affected at a Gamma radiation blast site. From that moment, he was cursed to be the part man/part beast we know as the Hulk.

The 2003 adaptation of the Hulk shows how Banner (Eric Bana) became the Most Wanted beast in the Marvel Universe.

Along with its special effects, camera shots, and action-packed scenes, the film shows a darker side towards the story of Bruce Banner relating to his roots, by bringing in the man who was responsible for many of his problems, his birth father Brian Banner (Nick Nolte).

Brian Banner was a well-known scientist working with the army but his experiments brought him to the edge of insanity, as he would stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal, and that even meant experimenting on his own innocent son.

After events turned Banner to the monster that set out to cause devastation among the people of the world, the task to handle and subdue this beast was set out by General Thunderbolt Ross (Sam Elliott), father of the love interest of the comic book story Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly).

But General Ross had his own vendetta to stop the Hulk as he wanted to make his own army of gamma-enhanced soldiers, but is too blind to see the great danger of Hulk’s in their thousands. He was even unable to capture even one.

The love interest in the film known as Betty Ross did more to the film than the usual damsel in distress, but still stuck to the comic books by doing what it took to help Bruce struggle against the beast eating him from within.

It’s a fitting modern adaptation to the story everyone knows from their childhood and it can even relate to teen issues like ‘forbidden love’, which relates to a general comic book narrative.

When the film released, some people weren’t too happy as they felt it dragged and the plot was a little different to what they expected.

But in my humble opinion, the Hulk’s storyline contained a large amount of information that can be seen in the comic books. And this is something, because a lot of films that have been adapted from comics have left key information out.

And finally, it wouldn’t be a Marvel film without a cameo from the face of Marvel himself, Mr Stan Lee, who is notable for making an appearance into all his films. Why… I still do not know.

Rating: 7/10

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