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Our first look: Fast & Furious 7 (2015)

Fast And Furious 7

The previous instalment of the famous Fast and Furious saga was the finale in a trilogy (the fourth, the fifth and the sixth) which was leading up to the third and seventh film.

Compared to the fifth film, the sixth instalment described how events lead up to the seventh, as the fifth was just a mere continuation of the fourth that didn’t manage to cover the entire plot of the whole film.

But all-in-all, the films were equally as entertaining and worked well to show how far a franchise about cars can go.

With film fans all across borders of the world wanting more, anticipation has been building up for Fast & Furious 7.

But things have been shaken in the past year, as the entire story had to be adapted to work with the ending of the story of Brian O’Conner, due to the death of the late Paul Walker who played him.

Because of this untimely tragedy, it is not clear now as what we can expect from the next instalment in the franchise as the story may choose to continue with or without him. Many fans have already guessed the production team will make the character “retire”.

It is even rumoured that Paul Walker’s brother is to carry on the role from where he left off.

But if it were true, how would you feel towards this happening? Would it change how the audience felt towards the movie or would people just be able to accept the situation?

What has been confirmed already is that the villain of the film is to be played by Jason Statham, the famous action star known for his roles in The Transporter franchise and the Expendables (2010).

Perhaps, he is now on a dead-set on mission to avenge his brother and will not stop at any cost.

The death of Han Lue (played by Sung Kang) is also following the series, as his death was ordained ever since the third instalment.

Will this change anything about what we think of the saga, or will we see a change in the behaviour of a character who is hell-bent on revenge after the death of a loved one?

We can be sure on one thing, and that’s the fact that both the sides of both good and evil seem to be working on a mission for revenge.

That being said, the future seems to be very bright for the franchise, as it has currently made billions in profit with the first six films, which makes me believe that this will be a movie franchise that will be watched for many years to come.

Release date: April 2015

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