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Film review: Back To The Future Trilogy

Back To The Future Trilogy

When Director Robert Zemeckis took on an ordinary film about time travel in 1985, he was probably never to expect that he would create a film that would set a boundary amongst all others at the time.

Neither was he probably expecting there to be a game, an animated series, comic books, and even a Futurepedia site that hosts over 1,500 articles about the whole film series.

Still remembered, Back To The Future is the slick story of a high school slacker named Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) who turns an expensive automobile known as the DeLorean into a means of time travel, with the help of the crazy eye-popping doctor Emmet L. Brown (Christopher Lloyd).

Along the way, he has to deal with boring family members, a beautiful girlfriend named Jennifer Parker (Claudia Wills) and watching the abuse of his father by his boss, Biff Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson), who certainly loves his manure.

This film – with a story ahead of its time – worked with a classic idea but twisted it in a way that was never really been done before.

Not only that but it twisted the plot multiple times (spoiler ahead). And it was an even bigger surprise when the Doc (as referred to by Marty) was murdered by Libyan nationalists trying to build a bomb.

To escape the wrath and fury of these villains, Marty escapes into the time-travelling DeLorean at 88 miles per hour, later finding himself crashing into a field with a tall vicious-looking scarecrow as he destroys part of a barn.

Before doing so he screams a cry of pain, as his heart filled with sorrow believing his good friend was killed. Then came the sudden awareness that he wasn’t in a different place, but a different time. He went back to the future.

And from that point on, a series of life-changing adventures were set in motion, going beyond what anyone’s expectations had ever imagined.

The films took the audience to a highly-developed, high-tech future, and even went back in time to the wild west where tribal Native Americans known as the Pohatchee put the speed of the DeLorean to the test.

The Back To The Future trilogy is without-a-doubt, a film that became an instant hit when it was released. And in my opinion, it’s still a classic fit for all.

Rating: 9/10

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