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Bradford music lecturer Jake Sharpe lands himself a record deal

Jake Sharpe

Jake Sharpe

A Bradford music lecturer – who goes by the stage-name of Jake Sharpe – has attracted the attention of big-name music bosses and is looking set to take the industry by storm.

His first single ‘Don’t Say A Word’ has been signed to the Matchbox branch of music label Universal Records, has already been given airtime on the radio and even has a music video to accompany it.

Commenting on how it felt to be signed, Sharpe told the Yorkshire Standard: “It’s quite remarkable when this project first started as it was only a mess-around however, I received good feedback from people so I decided to take it further.

“Being signed shows that people must like my music which is sometimes hard to believe.”

The label heard Sharpes’ debut ‘Don’t Say A Word’ played on a BBC radio show and got in touch to offer him a promotional package based on his first three singles.

His love of music began at a young age when he held his first toy guitar when he was less than a year old, and his late uncle even played in the 60’s band O’Hara’s Playboys.

Later on in life, he formed part of the band Silverwood and took to pursing his passion for singing and songwriting.

In his career, Sharpe has accompanied Fame Academy winner David Sneddon on tour and has recently joined Britain’s Got Talent finalists, the Loveable Rogues, at the O2 Academy in Sheffield.

Commenting on the success he’s had, Sharpe said: “I was not expecting it as my thoughts on writing my music were ‘I am happy if people like my music, I am also happy if people don’t like my music’.

“Music is definitely full time for me and it is my passion in every single way. I live for, and love writing music so it’s nice that people show an interest.”

Jake Sharpe can be found on Facebook at

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