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The unsigned radar: Koala

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Koala Bradford Band

Koala is an energetic four-piece band from Bradford fronted by singer Jemimah Taylor.

With uniquely timed rhythms and intricate guitar work reminiscent of bands such as Bombay Bicycle Club, the band’s music contains a good blend of space between the intense choruses from which the vocals glide over.

The band’s latest release (which is offered up for free) contains three songs of which Molecules is clearly the stand-out track.

This three-minute dream pop cuts through with its calculated guitar riffs and locked in drumming. The vocals are soft and drift in-and-out through the verses but add the right amount of punch when needed.

Koala’s self-titled first release showcases some of the bands more introspective songs such as Prince Of Denmark, starting off with a lone guitar strumming away before the track bursts into life aided by the rest of the band.

The delivery of the vocals throughout the song change from a mid-tempo pace to lines being delivered at lightning speed.

Live, band-members Jemimah, Jake Lees, Chris Cannell and Suraj Soren, all seem to bounce off each other within their own little bubble whilst making sure not to exclude the audience.

The force from which they deliver their music combined with the tightness of their performance shows that this is a group that puts some serious effort into what they do.

Tracks to listen to: Molecules, Prince Of Denmark, FAT.

You can find Koala at

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