Published On: Mon, Feb 9th, 2015 on 4:55 pm

No Britain First, I did not go to London in support of Charlie Hebdo killers

Thousands attended the demonstration in London under the banner of ‘democracy in motion, reviving civility, respect and good manners’. I went to London from Leeds, to take part in that very demonstration.

Muslim Demonstration London

Image: Muslim Action Forum.

According to the Muslim Action Forum, the organisers of the event, the demo was “to denounce the uncivilised expressionists reprinting of the cartoon image of the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him.”

It was also held to demonstrate that the “global Muslim community shall not be hijacked by coldblooded killers or uncivilised expressionists.”

The cartoons of Prophet Muhammad didn’t personally offend me (neither anyone I knew), but I wanted to help highlight that with freedom comes responsibility.

Britain First, the far-right political group known for their mosque invasions and stealthy social media tactics, I believe were a prime example of irresponsibility.

On social media, they posted up a photo of some members attending the counter-demonstration with a caption reading: ‘BRITAIN FIRST ACTIVISTS IN LONDON OPPOSING 3,000 STRONG MUSLIM EXTREMIST RALLY IN SUPPORT OF CHARLIE HEBDO KILLERS’.

“Terrorist scum off our streets”

I was at the protest, and there was no support of any kind of terrorism or extremism, and we were not celebrating the Charlie Hebdo attacks – which was a shocking tragedy.

Rather, demonstrators and speakers also denounced extremism within Islam too.

Did Britain First not know what they turned up to when some of them came to hold a counter-demonstration? Why were they resorting to hateful comments and insults shouting, “terrorist scum off our streets” and the typical drivel?

But I realised… Britain First prove the demonstrators right. People do need to get some manners and have some responsibility in what they do.

And without a doubt, people have the right to protest and say what they want, but hey, at least the demonstrators didn’t deceive people by lying to them for ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’.

By Zain Saeed.

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