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Britain First sends psycho fans into frenzy after community centre brawl

National media were quick to pick up on the violent brawl that took place at a Bangladeshi community centre recently. Chairs were thrown and people were injured – over what some say was because of an argument.

Leeds Community Centre Brawl

Images: The Yorkshire Standard.

But far-right groups like Britain First were also quick to pick it up and share it to their supporters just to whip up a frenzy.

Britain First Facebook Post Screengrab

Image: Facebook.

People obviously reacted, and some said, I quote:

“Lock the doors and set the place on fire!!”
“Where is a suiside bomber when you need one?”
“Should of gave em machetes”
“Armed police should have opened fire on the lot of them!”
“silly p***s f***s”

Of course, because the guys fighting in the photos looked Asian, this meant for Britain First and supporters, that they just HAD to be Muslims, so many wrote disgusting comments calling them “muzzers” as well.

Sure, we all know how stupid the people involved in this fight were. But by promoting violence as Britain First supporters did just makes them really no different from them really does it?

What we can obviously tell, and I hope the government and police take notice, is how groups like Britain First are whipping up tensions online.

There is always talk on online hate spread by Islamists and the need to counter such narratives, but what about the far-right?

Groups like Britain First have long been promoting a ‘them vs us’ narrative and continue to be allowed to ignite tension between communities sparking supporters into a psychotic frenzy.

There is the argument… “oh these a few bad eggs”. This is just wrong. A simple browse through social media reveals disgusting hateful, sometimes racist, comments left by supporters on a daily basis – and Britain First continues to allow it. Why? So it can promote its own agenda.

By Ali Rehman, Bradford.

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  1. ash mahmood says:

    I can’t share this post ????

  2. Peter J. King says:

    “A simple browse through social media reveals disgusting hateful, sometimes racist, comments left by supporters on a daily basis”

    Only one disagreement — the comments aren’t only *sometimes* racist, they’re frequently racist, and are often worse than the ones quoted in the article. And Facebook rarely do anything about it, claiming that it doesn’t offend against “their” community standards.

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